Get out of the dark, physically and metaphorically to lift your mood and to
illuminate your path!
Light has the capacity to brighten and invigorate us, it helps to reset our
circadian rhythm which is responsible for our sleep/wake cycle. So get as
much natural light as you can during the day to help with your mood and
your sleep! Then in the evening limit the light from screens before bed so
you can fall to sleep more easily.
I’m super-excited to be noticing that there is more light in the evenings lately
as the days are getting longer. This and the days of sunshine will be used to
motivate myself and my family to get out into the days more in the afternoon
and evenings (#spring is coming)!
And it’s interesting that when our mood is elevated by sunshine and extra
daylight, I notice that my body feels ‘light’, like I weigh less (which I don’t),
but that my body moves with less effort and actions flows more easily! It still
never ceases to amaze me that our emotional moods have such a physical
component to them. So I hope you have found something to make you feel
‘light’ today,

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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