Something they don’t know


Something you might not know is that my passion for helping others as a psychologist has led me to push, stretch and sometime leap into realms of the unknown, into the world of business, of the entrepreneurial, and into pockets of learning that I could never have imagined, not even two years ago when I’d been in business for myself for quite a while.

Deciding to work for myself, so I could focus on doing the kind of therapy with the kinds of people that I felt the strongest calling for, has led me to create Side by Side Psychology, a practice that speaks to a group in the community where autism has touched them.

I have a strong passion for providing therapy and guidance in this area as I find it interesting and rewarding work and I feel that this group require skills that I have in understanding autism and mental health.

However I could never have imagined that becoming sought after for doing this work, would lead me to need to become more creative about how I service my clients and learn about all kinds of different things, some of which seem to have nothing to do with psychology!

Like how to build a website, how to build platforms for online resources, how to make resources, how to write policy, how to employ staff, how to write contracts, how to make and edit videos, how to run social media and the list goes on (and on)!

All of my interests and new-found skills though, have led me to most recently developing an online program for families affected by anxiety (which is most of my clients). Life has also pushed me to think about how I can touch more people with the knowledge and skills that I have, because there is just such huge demand for it.

So 2020 (despite it’s bad rap so far!)… is going to be the beginning of many more new positive things, new group programs (for adults and children), now online offerings and other innovations, so that I can keep doing my soul-work with my community and clients.

I think the main insight for me, is that that you just never know where things might lead you or what skills you will need to learn along the way to make those dreams a reality, and not knowing is probably ok.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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