Risk or Uncertainty

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Rolling the dice and this idea of ‘feeling lucky’ brings up all kinds of thoughts for me, firstly is that I love the number 13, mainly because it is my birthday number and number 13 is known for being UNLUCKY to those that are superstitious-which is just not me!
So for me, 13 is a ‘lucky’ number. So whilst I’m not a believer in luck at all, I”m also not someone that even likes to gamble-at all! and by nature am generally risk averse.
So ‘rolling the dice’ is not something that happens for me easily and generally I’m very systematic at looking at the pros and cons of things before I take a plunge. I think over the years, I’ve become more at ease with taking calculated risks, because if we don’t take risks, we are more likely to be left sitting on the side-lines and not developing or growing.
So I think being courageous and taking planned risks and sometimes not knowing the outcome, but trusting that things will be ok regardless, is a good mindset to have.
So whilst I still don’t believe in luck, I do believe in making you own good fortune and that we can do much to shift our realities into the direction that we choose. And I also do believe that having a future that we want, achieving our goals, takes some risk taking-risk of disappointment, risk of failure, risk of anxiety, risk of feeling out of our depth.
But with this kind of risk, there is a chance for great rewards. When it comes to rewards of a life, family and mental health that we enjoy and are proud of, then I think it is totally worth it.
In fact, I would say that to do nothing about these due to these fears, would be much, much riskier.

So ‘roll the dice’ and do something a bit out of your comfort zone today!

Roll the dice

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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