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Books are an absolute passion of mine, both personally and professionally. I have a pile of books that I have next to my bed stand, with a mix of professional reads, magazines (Breathe, Mindful parenting) and business books. And book series are my version of Netflix binging, with the ability to read late into the night through a series of books. I’ve also been in a bookclub for a many years, which is a great opportunity to talk about books that I’ve enjoyed reading with people who also feel the same. Reading for pleasure is something I find difficult to do at times, just because I find them hard to put down, so sometimes I’m hesitant to start a new book because I know my own tendencies!
But I’m currently reading a book series that was given to my daughter earlier this year and I thought I should read it to make sure it was suitable and also so I could tell her whether it was good or not-so far I’m into the 4th book of the Ms Peregrines School for Peculiar children and am enjoying it and happy to see she has now picked up the first book.
Books are also important for writing in, journalling in, planning and dreaming in. Writing thoughts into a book is something that I encourage with children and teens around me. In terms of journals, there are lots of great mindfulness and growth mindset journals that can be used to encourage into these good thinking and mindset habits. Books are also incredibly important to my work as well, with books used to demonstrate a concepts, read with clients so that we can have discussions, read from to practice mindfulness and relaxation.
They are wonderful because they provide an anchor, a visual focus point which can be especially calming for those that prefer less face to face discussions. Reading picture books with children and clients is a calming and containing activity that really allow children to see things from another’s perspective and to begin conversations about the character or themselves. Finding a new book that helps move children, gets them thinking and feeling new things is a wonderful gem to find.
I’d love to hear what books you’ve found to be insightful or helpful with yourself and your families and I can’t wait to show you the new books that I have ordered, that will be coming my way soon!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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