Mental Health and Coping Mechanisms During Covid – 19

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This week has been one of increased confusion, disappointment
and anxiety as Melbourne metro goes into lockdown for the next six
weeks and many families prepare to work from home and home
school once more.

So whilst this is happening, it is going to be really important for us
all to make sure that we are ramping up our mental health and
wellbeing efforts. It’s too easy to slip into those negative emotions
and get weighed down by them.

So rather than be part of that, how can we make ourselves feel
extra positive and extra calm this week?

For me it is staying inside my bubble of control-there is lots that we cannot control around us and if you get caught up in mainstream media, it can fuel anxiety
and cause feelings of overwhelm and powerlessness.

So focus on what you have control over-which is a great deal! You
control your thoughts, your behaviour, your intentions, your
emotions, so take action and dial them in the direction you choose!

So firstly thing is if you need to get an update on COVID-19, only
listen to one update a day about it and then no more!

Second is doing something centring and calming for you-whether
that is exercise, art, meditation, playing with your pets, watching a
favourite episode of a series, putting some music on that brings you
joy, anything! But make sure you have some planned ‘good-feels’
in you day today.

Then also make sure that you have some conversations with
people that will make you feel good and that will not bring your
mood down. Find those optimistic souls that you want to be
around, ask about their day and share about yours.

And lastly make a plan for yourself this week to do something just
for you each day this week-something that you enjoy, something
that brings a smile, it can be simple as your favourite beverage to
drink, getting outside and taking some deep breaths, staring into a
fire or taking warm shower or bath, or putting on your favourite
perfume or cologne.

These little moments are going to help you focus and feel great,
and they accumulate bit by bit. So make a commitment to push
your mood in the right direction, one day at a time!

Mental Health and coping during covid-19

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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