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Projects that allow you to take a break from you day to day
demands, helps to reinvigorate and feel like you are achieving are
useful projects indeed!.

I know when we first went into Stage 3 lockdown earlier this year,
there was a whole lot of talk about picking up with your hobbies or
finding a project to keep yourself amused with all the free time you
would have. For me, I had no extra time for this, as I transitioned
my practice to online in a matter of weeks and found I was busier
than ever.

But I have a few side projects that are always there for me to put
some time into. We have a bathroom and small renovation that has
been mulling around in our heads for a while, and with the first
teenager in the house this year, our small kids bathroom renovation
is becoming a must do item as three girls struggle to find a space!

Then there are those other personal projects, like how I should
continue practicing that that piano piece I started some time ago, or
organising photos into picture frames, or sorting kids clothes!
Whatever your project, it can be a helpful positive distraction from
the stressors of work and the challenges that many people are
facing now-especially Victorians in the metropolitan areas.

So use this time to focus some blocks of time on a project that
brings a bit of joy and positive energy to your day!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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