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For many, these past months have caused us to withdraw.
Withdraw from socialising, our work places and at times, the very
things that give joy and purpose to our life.

This is not the year that I had in mind for 2020 and despite all that it
has brought to date, I am determined that this is not all it will be
remembered for.

I prefer to think of the ways in which this time has actually
expanded us in so many ways, with even more to be revealed. It
has expanded our understanding, our empathy and our compassion
across the globe. It has actually shown how connected we are, and
how small things create enormous ripples and consequences.
It has shown me that we always have a choice about whether to
shut down and become closed off, or can we choose to open up, be
brave, stay connected and expand our thinking and our visions for
the future.

If these months have taught us nothing, it is that life can be
unpredictable, there is much we don’t have control of, but also that
there is a great deal in our own hearts and minds that we can direct.
I’ve decided I want to be part of what keeps us connected, that
isolation is detrimental to our wellbeing.

So choose to care and reach out rather than withdrawing, choose to
envision the life that you want for you and your family and find ways
that you can become more vibrant, open to change and evolution.

Choices are always there to me made; be small, stay closed or
open up, fly and believe.


Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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