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What to do when inspiration doesn’t spark?! When nothing flows and you don’t have your mojo anywhere to be found? How do you try to ignite the motivation or drive when you are tired, worn out and overwhelmed? I know I’ve been there, I know I have days like this.

For me one thing that helps is finding the voices of those that do inspire. It’s finding the voices of those that are real, authentic, down to earth, gritty and determined. It’s knowing that they are human, they are flawed, just like we are, but that they have decided to step out of their comfort zone nonetheless.

When I hear voices and stories like that- that’s what I find inspiring. Those kinds of real voices helps me to believe, helps me to make hard changes, helps me to take risks, when I’d really rather not-I’m not really a risk taker or an adrenalin seeker at all. All my business mentors are this voice in my head and are voices I listen to, to get me inspired, to get me moving to get me growing and changing.

So as you know I’m in the business of change; usually for others. And I know that change is about taking risks, so for me, to ask my clients and parents of kids and families to make change, I have to walk the talk and do the same.

So I need to find people who inspire me to take those risks, to cheer me on, to show me that it can be done! And just because some of the change or risk taking that we might be doing could be slightly different-it doesn’t matter, all change is hard and all fears work the same way-they make you shrivel, they make you want to hide! Which will just not do!

So, do you have someone you in your life-a friend a mentor that helps you feel inspired? Or maybe it’s someone you follow on social media that helps you find that inspiration? Is there someone who inspires you to be a happier human, to have more loving connection within your family or to assist you in your job as a parent and human?

I think it’s really important that we have inspiring people around uswhether in person or otherwise, or whether it’s through images around us, nature, food, homes, art, music or words. Everyone needs a little inspiration to get them through the day.

And one little tip that I currently use is this:

Be tuned into good news and those that bring it. Have your radar up for it! Block the doom and gloom news (and those that like to bring it, if need be) but keep an ear and eye open for the positive stories and great outcomes-whether on the tv, radio or in your news feed. It can make a big difference if you purposefully look for positive new stories rather than just absorbing what the mainstream media often puts out.

So what else do I do when inspiration might be slow to be found?

Well when it comes down to it, I look to YOU.

Knowing that if I can inspire someone to take a risk, to step into something uncomfortable and scary, because they want a better future, then that in turn, inspires ME to be visible and daring as your psychologist.

To unveil the mystery of what a psychologist is, what talking with one can do, then that inspires me to do all I can do to make that happen. So if my writing or posts inspires even one person to begin the change they need, then this is enough inspiration for me.

So if you’ve not found your inspiration, keep searching for it and in the meantime, you can BE the inspiration for others.


Be Fearless

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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