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What does it take to get you to take action?
And what action is going to get you to where you want to be?

Taking action take real courage and is the hardest part of change.
In therapy we often talk about our goals, dreams and desires and
how much we want things to be different. Then at the end of the
session we try to map out what steps need to be taken in order for
things to be different. Cognitive therapists often call this ‘homework’
or a homework task. It could be something as simple as recording
your mood, it might be writing some new helpful thoughts out on
paper and sticking them up so you can see them, it might be putting
your alarm on to remind you to go to bed at a time that is going to
help you with energy the following day, or it’s putting a reminder of
our goals up on the fridge. Just one small action that we then want
to repeat until it become a new habit. Making the commitment to
start this one small action, is also difficult to do.

I know that getting the right information is important, trusting that
you have the right plan is vital, but often once we have all these
things laid out before us, we still hesitate to take action (even
though we know we should).

What helps and why therapy can be so helpful, is accountability. It
is knowing that you are going to show up and that your
psychologist/coach/mentor is going to ask, how you went with the
action that was talked about last session. And not only that, they
are going to cheer you on if you were successful and help you
figure out what stopped the action from taking place if you were
unable to follow through on your plan.

So find people who will hold you accountable on actions that you
need to take, because change cannot happen without those
actions. Tell people about your intentions for action and ask that
they check in with you to see how you have gone, or get formal
support in that accountability.

And if you have goals and dreams for your children that you want
them to reach, take action on their behalf, because they look to you
for how to do life. And when we are unsure of how to help them,
take action to find the answers to those questions from someone
that does.

And speaking of actions, if you have a young person in primary
school that would benefit from learning some new skills (anxiety
management and happiness skills) so that can make some positive
change, feel free to learn more about our school holiday programs
that we have just opened up for enrolments.

There are only 10 places in each group, so head to the Events page or Side by Side
Psychology website for more information.


A Plan of Action Makes All the Difference

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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