Helicopter View



Taking a helicopter view or a big picture view is a skill that takes some
practice. It’s the attempt to zoom out and look at your own life from a
distance, while we are still currently living it. This is not an easy skill, and it
can just be plain hard when we are busy living life. I know that I can get too
caught up in the detail of life and forget about zooming out and getting a big
picture view again, to make sure I’m still on track, and to make sure that I’ve
not overlooked anything really important.
It’s something that is easier for someone else to help you with, especially if
we are at all overwhelmed (because the adrenalin makes it harder to have
clear thoughts). So for me, I have coaches, mentors and supervisors who
can have a clearer view of me and my world and then can then communicate
what they see and suggest changes or things to consider.
And because I know this is difficult for others to do for themselves, in my role
as psychologist sand coach, I get to help others in taking this helicopter view
as well. As a psychologist and coach, I can share my perspective, my
impressions and communicate them with the individual. I can help them
make predictions about how actions taken in one part of their life could
affect them now as well as in the future. When this information is shared in a
therapeutic manner you can begin to get a clear picture in your mind about
where you are and where you need to go.
Helping others to be on this path and when to take what steps is part of
what I really enjoy about my work.
So if you think you’d like some help on understanding how to zoom out and
get a big picture view and then work out how to take the steps to make your
plan a reality, reach out.

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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