Desert or Rainforest





Living where I do, although not a desert, it can sometimes feel like it, with the
dryness and heat we experience, so I am certainly drawn to the humidity and
greenery of the rainforest, because it is such a contrast.
The picture I’ve shown here is a trip that we did in 2014 to Daydream Island,
Queensland where we got to explore on foot as well as zip-lining through the
tree tops, which was just beautiful. I love the sounds of the rainforest, the
warmth in the air and just the vibrancy of the colours is amazing.
And though I enjoy visiting our own mini-desert -those of our Perry Sandhills
just outside of Wentworth, I was super-impressed by some even bigger
dunes we discovered on our last trip to Queensland. We visited Moreton

Island which is mostly just flat beaches and dolphins, but to our surprise, it
has massive sand dunes in it’s centre, which we all got to slide down. But
apart from being able to admire the sheer expanse of this kind of landscape,
it’s not all that particularly enjoyable to be in it for too long, as it’s exposing,
sandy and so hot.
So if I had to choose where I got to spend more time, the rainforest or the
desert, the rainforest would definitely be my preference.
And I don’t even care that my hair becomes a frizzy curly mess when we are
in the tropics!
In fact, am feeling excited about the possibility that we may be able to book
some trips outside our state very soon!

Happy Thursday,

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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