Rural Life: Something You Don’t Know

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Something that people may not know about me, is that I grew up, one
of six children on a fruit-block in RedCliffs, Victoria. My parents moved
there when my mum was pregnant with me.

I loved living on the block, we had lots of cats, kittens, dogs and would
you believe it, a cow called Jenny. My parents would milk her daily and we would have her milk for our cereal and my mum would then make it
into yogurt and other things. It seems like a strange family pet to have
now, however, Jenny was really another member of the family.

My sisters and brothers and I, grew up climbing trees, exploring the
block and eating way too many grapes and other fruit off the trees
during picking season and swimming in the channel that ran through
our block. When I think of this now with it’s muddy water and sludge
on the bottom, it’s hard to believe we swam in it, but we used to love it!
So we had a simple life, with lots of space, lots of freedom just to play
and I think this has cultivated my appreciation for simple things in lifeand it has definitely influenced my love of having pets as family

It also makes me realise that happiness can be found in the
simplest of lifestyles, without need for much, other than space and a
playmate or two-which I was lucky to have!

And whilst having a simple life is not as easy to provide for my children
these days as there are may more demands and expectations placed
on them both within and outside the home, I know that they are
definitely happiest when they are exploring, being creative and making
their own fun without too much interference from the adults!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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