Grateful for all three

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This week it’s been really moving for me to see the celebrations as
Melbourne has come out of lockdown. I’ve loved listening to and reading
the accounts of business owners excited to be returning to work and being
able to open up to their customers again, in fact I got a bit teary listening to
their stories. The strain, the stress and the challenges that they have been
through have been enormous. I love also hearing how proud they are of
themselves and how excited they are to have Melbourne return to glory-even
though this will need to be a process and there will be many more changes
ahead to make this safe.

But the commitment they’ve shown to reducing the cases of COVID-19 so
significantly, means that now, if we can continue to keep it like this, will mean
a much more hopeful end to the year and a 2021 that will have a sense of
normality (fingers crossed). It will also mean that VIctoria will no longer split
off from one another and soon VIctoria won’t be split off from the other
states. As a border town to NSW and SA, I know this has really affected
everyone who lives here in Mildura quite significantly. So it’s really a hopeful
step in the right direction.

It was also very timely lift of restrictions for our family, as my parents are in
Melbourne for the next few weeks and because the restrictions have lifted,
they have been able to see my sister and her baby for the first time since
June this year.

To to see photos of my parents with my sister and her daughter, who has
been through lockdown as a first time mum and to see their smiles in being
with one another was just amazing. It also makes me very hopeful that it won’t be long before she can come home and we can have our family back
together again . To make it perfect, we’d just need to have my brother and
his family come from the UK and we’d have our very big family together
again for Christmas.

So I’m celebrating hope, family and community spirit and I feel incredibly
grateful for all three.


Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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