Surprise trip turns into a great weekend

Last weekend just I went ‘camping’ in a 1970’s pop to caravan my husband
bought a few years ago-without telling me! So that was definitely a WTF

However moving to present day, I went camping in it with the family with the
weather forecast as thunderstorms, wind and rain. Again I was thinking

So I nearly pulled the pin, but as I said that my youngest daughter began to
sob because she’d already packed her bag. So, I rethought that move and decided I’d best just suck it up and stick to my word and take them. And as
it turned out, the staying in the caravan was great and so was the entire
weekend. It had enough space for us, it withstood the rain and the wind and
everyone including enjoyed the experience.

So sometimes rolling with things that make you (or me) initially shake your
head and swear under your breath, is actually the way to go!

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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