Being on a mission is when the desire to help others overcomes all other
barriers. It helps you get super focused for your goals, where you don’t take
notice of what’s out to the sides or even whether there might be obstacles in
front of you-because of course there will be!

My mission is to show the world that difference is a strength, that being
neurodiverse does not have to equal poor mental health, that autism is not
synonymous with disability. That educating others on awareness,
acceptance and support can go a long way to be an ally to members of the
community that need it most.

I’m driven to use my knowledge of mental health, wellbeing and psychology,
to help as many adults, parents, children and teens to help accomplish their goals. Whether it’s to be less anxious, to have more confidence, to have
good relationships or to find contentment.

I know how important specific skills can be to help with these goals, whilst
understanding that as society, as we learn and understand more about
autism spectrum disorders, the better this will be for those on the Spectrum.
It’s my mission to make a positive difference to as many people as I can
across the globe by sharing my knowledge and support. And in doing so I
will feel that I’ve made a significant impact in my life and in others’.

But at the same time, the nature of how I usually work as a psychologist is
often one to one. So I am used to encouraging change in one moment, one
conversation with one human. And it is no doubt a privilege to be able to
have these kinds of moments with different individuals.

I am confident that I can continue this mission, whether I am with people
individually or whether it is when they are with me as part of a group or
whether they are with me as they read my written word. I know that the
more people I can reach, the wider the ripple effect of understanding and
positivity will be.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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