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The best tip I could give to those amazing souls that are looking for some ideas or guidance with regard to their child or teenagers behaviour or mental health is firstly to trust your instincts.⁣

Most parents have very good instincts about whether they should be asking further questions and getting help for their child from professionals, but often don’t listen to this as quickly as they might otherwise do. Often this is because they seek advice from a partner, family or friends and get advice from people who’s area of expertise is not necessarily child development. ⁣

That is not to say that when you get to the said professional they are always going to give the right advice, however, taking that step if your instincts are telling you to get answers, you should, as it is is usually the right thing to do. ⁣

My other top tip, would be for when you are trying to create change in your children. If you are thinking about the skills that we want our children to develop make sure that we can model these as well. Hold a mirror up to yourself and determine whether this is something that you are able to do (or are at least working on). ⁣

Often when we are modelling these skills, making this skill development explicit to our children, it’s a great first step to encouraging them to also build these into their repertoire. ⁣

So if you want your child to learn how to do mindfulness, begin practicing it yourself. If you’d love your child to understand emotions and emotion regulation, demonstrate how you do this in your daily life as well. ⁣

Children learn best by seeing and experiencing and parents are their best teachers!⁣

Kate x⁣

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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