What does Health mean for you?⁣How much do you priorities this and where does your mental health fit in with your physical health. Are they seperate for you or in intertwinned?

⁣⁣For me they go hand in hand. I like the feeling of being healthy and fit and this makes me feel mentally strong and more in control. I like the feeling of having a strong body and my exercise is also very enjoyable so that I get lots of positive emotions from this as well as social connections (when group fitness is allowed!).

⁣⁣I love being able to do things with my kids without hurting myself, or even encouraging my kids to try new things they are less familiar with. This is especially true as I age as I was always an active kid and teenager, so I actually want to continue this well into my ‘old age’.⁣I’ve recently gotten back into regular bike riding, which I’m really enjoying. I’ve also made sure that I continue my yoga practice as often as I can as it protects me from injury and keeps my aches and pain free.

⁣Like all things in life, there are aspects of our health that are outside of our control, so understanding that means I try to focus on the aspects that I can control. ⁣⁣So ensuring that we care for the body that takes us through this life is giving it the respect that it deserves. There are some simple things we can do to nurture our bodies and health, not matter where we are in the journey. ⁣⁣

It could be making sure we take time to nourish it with enough water through our day, eating fresh food that agrees with us, or taking a few mindful breaths and moments of stillness that allow us to connect with our breathing and taking a moment to be grateful for what our bodies are like and what our health is like right now.⁣⁣


Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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