When I Grow Up?



It’s actually quite funny when I think about a book that I ‘published’ with a
friend in about Grade 5 as it talks about what I dreamt about doing then. I
was a multi-tanker in the story for sure (and an over-achiever!), I was a
sprinter in the for the Commonwealth Games-won a gold medal! And then
on the same day performed as well as a back up singer for John Faranham!
So being an athlete and performer was high on the dream list!
So whilst this book that I wrote makes me laugh as it all, a few things I find
interesting is that I still love writing and drawing. I fact I wanted to be an
illustrator up until about Year 10, when I felt that graphic design for other
people did not match my dream of creating art, so thought I’d best keep it as
a hobby.
Following that I found an interest in psychology and as I was a natural
‘helper’ my career in psychology had begun. Today my psychology job has
changed to include many more things, including embracing my creativity that I thought I had to leave behind. Being a psychologist in private practice
actually demands many more skills and activities that are not listed anywhere
when you consider being a psychologist.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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