It can feel like this year has been the year of new challenges, and certainly
very early on it has felt like this for me. Earlier in the year, there was an
avalanche of changes that required me to pivot and innovate in a very short
space of time. And this is when we really have to have a brain in a calm
space to be able to think clearly to make rational decisions. It also relies on a mindset that you are going to get through it. It might be difficult, annoying,
exhausting and overwhelming, but having the mindset that you are
determined to come through regardless is often required when we are
Experiencing challenges does not have to be responding to the impact of a
pandemic on you or your family, it can be something bigger or smaller, but a
challenge is something that asks you to grow. It asks something of you, that
you that might initially feel that you don’t have the resources to respond to.
For children it could be asking them to try something new, it could be asking
them to face uncertainty. Particularly when we are learning how to increase
our skills to manage anxiety, it is asking children to try something and sit in
feelings of discomfort and trusting that we will be able to cope with these
emotions and experiences.
So developing a mindset of ‘I’ll be ok’, ‘I can cope with this’ is crucial in any
challenge. How do you develop this mindset in your life to cope with
challenges: ones that we are in the middle of and ones we don’t yet know
about? And how do you celebrate coming through a challenge and the
growth that it brings you?


Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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