Being in Flow



Being in flow is when I’m so totally in the moment, and time is not
registering and I’m feeling joy and connection. And it’s found doing
lots of my recreation actives such as yoga, painting and listening to
favourite music and meditation.
However, I’m really fortunate that it’s also found when I’m in session
with a family and I can feel that I am on the same wavelength as
they are, what I’m sharing is resonating with them and it feels as if I
am doing what is my purpose. For me, supporting, guiding and
validating their experiences is when I’m also in my flow.
I also find flow happens when I get really focused and ideas just
come onto the page with ease. I think that having practice with
putting thoughts down, putting ideas down with no judgement helps
to have acceptance for what is arising for me. And then whether
the ideas are golden, or something to be mused on at a later date it
doesn’t really matter.
So I hope that you have activities in your day that you find are
fulfilling and easy and give you feelings of content.
Happy Tuesday, Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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