Black and White



What is it about a black and white image that makes things so much clearer?
The edges stand out and there seems to be less noise and less distraction.
I’m wondering if this is akin to being able to think in ‘black and white’……
That there is a sense of being definite, or there is not being another way to
view things.I don’t really think like that, whether it’s my nature, or whether it’s because of
my training to think about the other person’s perspective trying to attune my
understanding further, but sometimes I think it would be a good thing to feel
a bit more definite, a little more certain.
But I’m learning that we need all kinds of ways of thinking and processing
and that all kids of styles are wonderful in their own unique way.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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