Mind Over Matter

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Mind over matter is a simple saying, but is incredibly meaningful. ⁣
Whilst the definition is about being able to control a physical condition by controlling our mind, this ability to use our mind to control our physical self and other things, can lends itself to so many circumstances. ⁣

For me it’s about our ability to manage our emotions such as stress and anxiety, it’s the way we can push through pain when we are exercising or push through fatigue when we need to urgently get things done.⁣

But on a deeper level, I think about mind over matter as our ability to develop our thinking to shift what actually matters in our life. It’s our ability to choose and develop what we think which then translates into actions. ⁣

I know that there is so much that we can do if we have the mindset behind it, but often we forget how much we actually need to train our patterns of thinking, so that our actions flow from it more naturally. ⁣

This is why when we are learning new skills we need to practice the thinking and reasoning behind this, practice the actions and then repeat it until it becomes a habit. ⁣Mind over matter in the moment is easy, but making longer term mindset change is a different thing altogether.

It is also really important to have supports around you when you are trying to develop a new mindset -because it can be quite easy for new intentions to only last for a short time- and before you know it, old habits have reemerged and your new decisions for change have waned. ⁣

This is not because mindset is not powerful, it really is, but because everyone needs to be supported, coached and reminded about why the change is so important and this is what helps us to make lasting change.⁣

So think about your mindset and whether it is working for you or against you and whether there are some changes you’d like to make! I’m naturally an optimist, however I still find it incredibly important to be be around other optimists to help my positivity, resilience and abundance beliefs.

PS. I have recently developed a brand new online parent coaching group that is for you if you are to be a parent that is new to autism and you want to learn how positivity, mindset, support and can change the trajectory of your journey, please check out Glimmer, the Autism journey.⁣

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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