Be Optimistic


Something I know for sure is that when we do the work, when we make the change, we will get the positive payoff. ⁣

I have certainty in the strategy’s and skills that I teach my clients and families and know for sure that if we practice them regularly in between sessions, that you will get the progress that you are after. ⁣

I also know for sure that if you expect that ONLY getting knowledge will not transform you and your skills, it will not create change at the same rate, in fact that change will be quite slow.

Implementation is the key to making change.⁣

I also know for sure that optimism is an antidote to stress, anxiety and depression. And I know for sure that learning skills to develop an optimistic outlook on life is possible even for those that tend to experience anxiety more easily. I know for sure that if you develop optimism there is little that you will not be able to manage.⁣

So take the steps to reflect on your tendency to experience the world-do you look at all that can go wrong, or can you see any challenge as an opportunity?⁣

If you need ideas on how you might be able to develop this, feel free to join my Positive Psychology for Autism Facebook group, as we share all things relating to developing an optimistic outlook.⁣

I also have a Friday Live each Friday afternoon where I share my thoughts on child psychology and positive psychology if you’d like to join me.

Kate x

GLIMER the Autism Journey is an online parent coaching group and begins 7th September 2020

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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