If not now when?



“If not now when?” speaks to the art of procrastination which affects us all, but it’s an important question to ask-(even the monkey’s pondering on it). ⁣

It is making choices and deciding to take action that whilst may be uncomfortable, is the only way that things are going to be different. ⁣

Excuses are easy to make, they are harder to believe, but the end result is always the same-we stay stuck, we stay unchanged. ⁣

Deciding to take action is not just one decision. It’s deciding again and again to do the hard thing, to do the challenging thing and to do the thing that causes anxiety and uncertainty. ⁣

But it is also doing the thing that bring our goals and dreams closer to reality. ⁣

No one knows what tomorrow will look like and our future is not a given. Sometimes a reminder of this, is the push we need, to take action now. ⁣

I write this, knowing that it is hard to do and I’m offering to be with you for the journey.⁣

Kate x⁣

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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