#contentology #blackwhitegrey

Seeing the world in black and white, which is an analogy for seeing things in
an either/or manner, is a tendency that many of my teens begin to recognise
in themselves, or a tendency that parents may recognise in their children.
This preference is usually apparent when the individual has little tolerance
for uncertainty or has trouble seeing a situation from another’s perspective.
And whilst there is nothing wrong from wanting certainty (in fact it is human
drive to want this), there is a skill in being open to seeing things as ‘grey’.
Being able to see the ‘grey’ means you can acknowledge uncertainty, that
you can sit with the in-between feeling, tolerate not having absolute answers
and being flexible in your thoughts.
Growing our awareness to see the beauty in seeing all the shades of grey
and recognising our instincts or tendencies to wish that things were ‘black
and white’ is a skill that can be developed. Recognising our preferences in
this area is the first place to start.
So have you noticed your go-to perspective? Black/white or Grey?

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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