Benefits of Yoga

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For me I’ve fallen in love with yoga and doing it to music-mostly the
Body Balance classes. I first discovered these after my youngest
was born. It was my way of gently easing my body back into
physical activity after always more energetic team sports such as
netball and tennis. And it turns out I love this sport even more than
my others.

But these group fitness classes, which felt like home for me, much
sooner than I thought they would, reminded me of my much earlier
days as a dancer and have brought me a stronger, calmer and
healthier mind and body. Although I have continued to practice from
home, on my own, it is not the same.

In recent months during the shut down of gyms, I have missed the
people that instruct these classes and the regular faces that have
attend with me over the past 7 or so years. But yesterday I was
fortunate enough to be invited to do a small class with a wonderful
instructor, with just two other people. And we all got to practice a
new release (hello sore muscles!) and talk about our love for these
classes and how being in a group of people, who all love it as much
as each other is something that can’t be replaced through practicing
from an app.

So this love is not for another human being, it has been a journey
towards loving my own body, loving the challenge that comes with
learning new poses and challenging the muscles to become
stronger. This love affair with yoga and moving to music, I feel will
be life long.

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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