Movement for me is important for so many parts of my life. I love stretching
and getting stronger with yoga and am so excited to hear that Gyms and
group fitness seem to be just about ready to open back up again-as I have
missed doing my classes with other people. I also got to try going on the stand up paddle board over the weekend,
something I’ve wanted to do for a while and while it was not totally stable
(and I had my clothes and watch on, so was a little concerned about coming
off into the cold lake), it was quite fun and I definitely want to have another
go at at! I also loved seeing my kids in the small kayaks and they have put
that down on their Christmas list for one of their own!

I also got to see my nephew riding a bike on his own for the first time and the
joy on his face from being able to move that bike, hoon off with the other
kids was just precious!

The thing I know about movement is that the move we get it into our lives,
the more we want to do it and it continues to build. It provides confidence,
feelings of mastery and the drive to learn more. The opposition effect
happens with inertia. The less we move, the less inclined we are to do it,
and it can feel hard to get things started, the worse our body feels and the
worse our mental state can feel.

So getting movement going is totally worth it, for it’s benefits for our physical
health and mental health.

So I’m going to keep moving, keep trying new things and enjoy the feelings
and benefits it provides!

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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