Things that are scary for me: horror films and finding spiders unexpectedly!⁣

It’s interesting that although I’m not a horror fan, I often find myself listening to others talk about scary films and tv shows as many young people I know love these. ⁣

It is interesting that people who might be anxious in their day to day lives, can enjoy feeling scared watching scary things. Perhaps it has to do with being able to control this feeling as it’s expected when you watch it, or maybe it doesn’t actually give the feelings of terror like it does to me!⁣

And although I would not describe myself a thrill seeker, I’m also not someone who is particularly anxious in every day situations. I know that I don’t seek to feel frightened via jump-scares or rollercoasters or other adventures that give a rush, as I feel I actually get plenty of adrenalin from pushing myself out of my comfort zone through other means. ⁣

For example by asking myself to do new things in my business, take on new ventures, by doing presentations, doing Facebook Lives or writing about my thoughts and insights like this! ⁣

For me these kinds of things feel scary enough for me, but they are a really good kind of scary. They are the kind of scary that means I’m learning, I’m pushing myself into new territory and there’s an excitement and thrill with that. ⁣

As opposed to the other kind of scary, where I feel that I might actually die! I think this might be because when I was fairly young, about 11 or 12, I went on the roller coaster at the Mildura Show that would stop and hang upside down at the top and I felt that the harness in was ‘in’ way too big for me and I had the distinct feeling If I let go of the bars around me, I was going to fall straight out of the carriage. So I’ve never really trusted show rides like that since!⁣

Very occasionally I really push myself to try new things that are physically scary for me, such as zip lining, high-top tree climbing and paragliding, but I have to be very sure it’s actually very safe.⁣

It’s really interesting on how we can view and experience an emotion like being scared and how it can actually be both frightening and exhilarating at the same time.⁣

So what role does being scared play in your life? Can you use it to expand your experiences, do you love the adrenalin of feeling scared (And turn it into excitement), or does feeling scared make you seek safety and calm?⁣

(Photo credit to my daughter who got into my camera role at some point and decided to ‘edit’ one of my photo’s…..which in this instance, is actually quite appropriate…it’s terrifying!)😱🤣

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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