The 7-Day Blueprint to Understanding and Parenting Your Anxious Child

This self-paced program is for parents who have concerns about the anxiety their child or children are experiencing. The program is delivered as a series of videos that allows for you to work through with a workbook, to complete at your convenience.

This program is delivered by Kate French a Clinical Psychologist who has been working with families and children for the past 16 years across a variety of settings. Whilst the program is not a replacement for individual therapy, it provides educational content that can be a great first step at understanding the experiences of your child. It provides parents with the steps to take that help build confidence in responding to children when they are most anxious.

On set during filming of the 7-Day Blueprint to Understanding & Parenting Your Anxious Child. With my Meddy Teddy ( in the background.

Included in the program is an introduction to understanding anxiety’s causes and the role of the greatest influence on positive outcomes for children, which is you and your responses to your child.

It will encourage you to reflect on your style as a parent and implement some strategies designed to build your child’s resilience. It will also include some ways you can begin coaching your child about their body, their brain, their anxiety and the way they can make a difference to how they feel.

It takes you through understanding the physiology of anxiety, self talk and sensory tools and interventions to help with anxiety. It also guides you through learning about breathing and mindfulness skills. It touches on understanding anxiety for this who are neurodiverse (autism, ADHD) and ways intervention may need to be modified for this group of children.

So what is included?

You will have access to 7 videos and and a 19 page workbook with prompts for reflections, links and resources, which you work though on your own dashboard and are able to return to indefinitely.

  • Day 1 Introduction to and measuring anxiety
  • Day 2 Reflections on your parenting style and responses to anxiety
  • Day 3 Introduction to becoming an emotion coach for your child
  • Day 4 What’s happening to our bodies when we become anxious?
  • Day 5 Theory of mind, self talk and thinking skills
  • Day 6 The tools and strategies for anxiety
  • Day 7 Summary and futures plans and anxiety in neurodiverse children

If you’d like a plan to help your child , click below to head to the Thinkific platform to purchase and begin your journey!

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