What are your values?⁣


What are your values?⁣

Being family oriented, having emotional and mental health and making a difference are my top values. ⁣

Thinking about the needs of my family and making sure that I make decisions that keep their needs and the needs of our mental and emotional health at the centre, help to guide many of my decisions. ⁣

I’ve long held the belief that if we don’t have our mental health, we don’t have much as all. I’ve also always wanted to help others and find great sense of accomplishment from being able to be in service in this way.⁣

So understanding these values and then on a practical level what I need to do to live in line with these values becomes a little easier to put into practice and ensure that I make it a priority. ⁣

What do you value and are you currently able to live in alignment with this currently? ⁣

If you are unsure of your values, look for times that you have been most happy, most content and most proud of yourself and your values may come to the surface. ⁣

But if you are unsure what these are, it could be helpful to do an assessment of your life values to see if you can find some suggested words that will help to clarify the values and accurately describes these. ⁣

Understanding our values is useful because it can illuminate if you are not living in line with your values (which will mean there is some discontent or distress present). ⁣

And identifying and naming that we are in this space is the first step in moving towards living life in alignment with your values.⁣

Kate x

Published by Kate French

Clinical Psychologist; expertise in autism and child and family psychology.

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